Anthrax tropical bootcamp


2016 Anthrax Tropical bootcamp FAQ

-What is the purpose of the Anthrax Tropical bootcamp

The main puropose of the boot camp is to experience  beach life in one of the best beach locations in Greece and have lots of fun ! Throughout the camp there will be many chances for physical activities and challenges . Proffesional coaches will advice you  , on a daily basis,  on specific physical training about the sport of paintball, healthy nutrition and recovery methods . Optional morning and afternoon training sessions will be available . Participation in any of the physical activities is not obligatory and the difficulty level will be adjusted to the fitness level of each participant.

-Where is the bootcamp organised?

The Anthrax tropical bootcamp is organised in the magical beach of Porto Elea in Chalkidiki , Greece . Its a one and a half hour drive from the venue of the Med Cup and the city of Thessaloniki. Youc an check out the venue at

-When is the bootcamp organised ?

The bootcamp starts at the 7th of june , just a few days before the Med Cup . So ideally you can join the Anthrax bootcamp and then on Friday move to Thessaloniki to join the Med Cup.

-Which is the closest airport ?

The closest airport is that of Thessaloniki: Macedonia International Airport , code SKG .

-How can i reach the location of the boot camp ?

The recommended way to reach the location of the bootcamp is by renting a car and driving there . A car rental will be usefull for your transportation during the duration of your stay and is much cheaper than using a taxi . We will be soon announcing an exclusive deal for teams that want rent a car ! If you need an alternate method to reach the camp dont hesitate to contact us . 

-What is the price of the boot camp and what does it include .

The cost of the boot camp is 299 euros per person . This price includes:

-3 night stay at a bungalow , a few steps from the beach . These bungalows have one or two rooms which can acommodate from two to five persons . The bungalows feature a kitchenette, wc/shower and air conditioning . They are fully furnished with bedding, chairs tables and kitchen utensils.

-Participation in all the scheduled activities of the boot camp

-Breakfast and dinner

Where can i see a full itinerary of the activities of the bootcamp?

Click here to check the complete itinerary of the Anthrax ropical Bootcamp !

How do i book and what is the cancellation policy?

To secure your place in the Tropical bootcamp , a 50% advance payment is needed. Cancelations up to a month prior to the event are entitled to a full refund . Later cancellations are not entitled to a refund .