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About Us.

At MedLeague, we're redefining the path to becoming a physician. Every year, thousands of graduated premedical students face the daunting prospect of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and 7-9 years of further training to enter a career that they do not fully understand. picture the average premedical student: no doctors in the family, and thus limited shadowing opportunities and at most, a scribing position for a couple of months. Think about it: for the average premed, this is the entirety of their clinical exposure before medical school. So what motivates them to enter? Because our culture tells them that a good MCAT and good grades is reason to enter. But that shouldn’t be the case. You should only enter medical school if you genuinely love the art of medicine. But how can undergrad students know this? How are we supposed to know whether we will even end up liking the light at the end of the tunnel? Unfortunately, many don’t and this partly contributes to why burnout and work-life dissatisfaction are so prevalent among medicine compared to other industries. our dialogue and culture needs to change. Go into medical school for the right reason: because you love the practice of medicine.


That's why we created MedLeague: the centralized community connecting passionate premeds with real doctors, med students, residents, and fellows from various specialties and backgrounds. Get virtual shadowing hours, free connections with doctors, and more.


Through detailed case studies, interviews, mini-courses, discussion boards, and live calls, MedLeague offers an inside look into the lives of medical professionals worldwide. Hear firsthand about their experiences, takeaways, regrets, and biggest pieces of advice. But it's not just about passive information – it's about connection. With MedLeague, you'll build your network and a brighter future for your career.


The idea of MedLeague is to connect aspiring physicians with real physicians. It is important to go into a field like medicine for the right reasons, and what better way of learning about a field than the people who are currently in it? As of right now, most premedical students have no doctors in their family and their clinical experience (before medical school) is shadowing one or two physicians for a couple of hours per week. This by no means provides them with a holistic depiction of the world of medicine. MedLeague aims to solve this inequity by providing all students, regardless of their family connections with physicians, the ability to see what medicine is like from an insider’s perspective in various fields. They will see what it’s like to be a medical student (from real medical students in each year), as well as residents & fellows in various fields and settings. Let’s make the path into medicine accessible and sensible.

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