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Content Manager

Job Type

Part Time



About the Role

Performance Metrics:

Remuneration will be performance-based, with a focus on the measurable impact of views, sign-ups, and subscriber increments.

Proven experience in managing social media platforms, particularly with short-form video content.
Demonstrated ability to engage and grow an online community in a meaningful way.
Strong grasp of analytics and performance metrics to inform content strategies.
Excellent communication skills, both written and visual, with attention to detail.
Creative, proactive, and passionate about connecting and educating future medical professionals.

Performance-based pay structure offering incentives for increasing engagement and growth.
Flexibility to work from anywhere with a remote setup.
Be part of a forward-thinking team aiming to transform medical education.


  • Craft and share 2 engaging posts daily on Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok to capture the audience's attention and foster interactive communities.

  • Have a pre-med background

  • Schedule and post various forms of content across all platforms, including stories, polls, images, etc., to maintain a dynamic and engaging online presence.

  • Design and implement effective social media funnels across all platforms to guide users through the journey from initial engagement to loyal community members.

  • Work closely with the Marketing and Branding team to strategize the promotion of social media funnels, such as highlighting key offerings (e.g., "Check out the link in bio for a free premedical masterclass led by a Harvard med student!").

  • Actively monitor and respond to questions, comments, and direct messages in a timely manner to nurture community engagement and provide excellent user support.

About the Company

Join the MedLeague team, where we're pioneering a new pathway in medical education. Founded by ex- pre med students who recognized the gaps in understanding the real-world challenges and experiences of the medical profession, MedLeague stands at the forefront of educational innovation. Our platform, MedLeague, is a dynamic community that unites premeds with seasoned medical experts across the globe. We provide invaluable insights through case studies, comprehensive interviews, interactive mini-courses, and vibrant discussion forums. With MedLeague, aspiring doctors gain more than knowledge; they forge connections that illuminate the realities of medical practice and guide them towards a fulfilling career.

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